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03 July 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,
If you no longer want to sit at home in front of a globe, dreaming of faraway lands, take your chance now, pack your suitcase and fly. Get inspired with our newsletter or visit lufthansa.com regularly and choose from our great offers with lots and lots of amazing destinations for incredibly low fares.


Our worldwide offers for winter

Cairo from 520 €*

Beijing from 559 €*

New York from 559 €*

Shanghai from 559 €*

Chicago from 619 €*

Tokyo from 629 €*

Miami from 679 €*

Johanesburg from 749 €*

Buenos Aires from 979 €*

Overview of all worldwide destinations

Check our summer specials for Asia and North America

Beijing from 539 €*

Shenyang from 539 €*

New York from 549 €*

Guangzhou from 569 €*

Atlanta from 649 €*

Bangalore from 749 €*

Dream destinations closer to your home – Discover Europe

Barcelona from 199 €*

London from 199 €*

Madrid from 199 €*

Paris from 199 €*

Venice from 199 €*

Overview of European destinations

*Return fare including all taxes and fees. Travel conditions apply and fares are subject to availability.

Don’t forget to join Miles & More: collect valuable miles and get more out of your travels.

News & Info

The Lufthansa iGoogle Gadget: Direct access to Lufthansa’s main functions
The Lufthansa iGoogle Gadget allows quick access to all important functions and information on the Lufthansa Portal. You can install this virtual tour guide anywhere on your personal iGoogle page.

More information on the iGoogle Gadget

The Lufthansa iGoogle Gadget: Direct access to Lufthansa's main functions

Access to all Lufthansa functions from a single point

Miles & More

Award miles offers from Lufthansa Miles & More

Earn and cash in award miles with Miles & More

Award miles offers from Lufthansa Miles & More
See our Miles & More Website for constantly updated award miles offers. In addition to great-value flights, special offers in collaboration with our partners await you, as do lots of home and lifestyle products. It is always worth a visit!

Miles & More – new offers all the time


Choose from over 225,000 hotel offers around the world - with HRS

Rental car offers from Avis

Rental car offers from Sixt

Hotel offers from HRS
Book accommodation in an HRS hotel at your destination – great value for money all around the world.
On the road with Avis
We will get you to your destination airport, Avis will take you even further – wherever you are in the world and incl. 500 award miles for Lufthansa Miles & More members.
Sixt – sure to get you moving
Mobile services à la Sixt – great-value rental cars around the world incl. 500 award miles for Lufthansa Miles & More members.

To the offers from HRS

To the offers from Avis

To the offers from Sixt


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