Accomodation in single rooms 4 stars Cluj Napoca Rimini hotel

If you arrived in the city Cluj Napoca for a business travel or simply for relaxation and to visit the town, we suggest the Rimini Plaza hotel complex in order to receive 4 stars hotel attendance, which is situated on 20 A Cometei Street in Zorilor quarter.
The complex of hotel attendance, the restaurant and the wine-cellar Rimini Plaza have been opened on the 1st July 2002 and offers the comfort of 4 stars accomodation, catering attendance and restaurant service at La Fontana and the Crama Haiducilor services, recently opened, being the result of an important investment program, undergone out of the desire to extend and professionalize the hotel services previously offered by the Rimini Vila, funded in 1997.
With an accomodation offer that can satisfy any tastes, the Rimini hotel offers 4 stars conditions and irrepproachable accomodation attendance in 50 rooms endowed with two beds (double rooms), matrimonial rooms, single rooms and 9 very large apartments.
Besides the accomodation offer in apartments, matrimonial rooms and rooms with 2 beds, accomodation in single rooms is the best choice for the moments when you travel all alone or you want an accomodation in the best conditions and at an advantageous price.
Every single room from the Rimini hotel is endowed with a double bed sitted transversely, a working desk, a minibar with fridge, color cable TV and a sideboard for small objects.
There is natural light in every single room from a very large window and a balcony providing view to the area in which the Rimini hotel is situated.
The furniture of the double room reflects the good taste, the refinement and the elegance of a 4 stars hotel at international standards, also keeping the functionality of the objects in the room.
You can enter the single room by means of an individual magnetic card, the telephone has access to international lines, you get free wireless internet inside the complex, free access to the Finnish sauna, and all the rooms of the hotel are endowed with conditioning air which can be fixed individually in every room.
Other special attendance offered to the clients of the Rimini hotel at accomodation are: breakfast included in the accomodation tariff, safe for values, cleaning attendance, guarded car park with a capacity of 60 seats, alarm-clock attendance or secretariate attendance.
The Rimini complex also provides tennis field and minifootball field with nocturne, fitness centre, a garden with terrace in the Venetian style and lounge cocktail.
In case you have come to Cluj Napoca for business and business meetings, Rimini Plaza hotel offers you a conference hall with full endowments (videoprojector, projecting screen, mobile microphones, Flipchart, sound system, permanent free access to wureless internet) with the possibility to serve dinner and drinks at the restaurant of the hotel and a business hall with the capacity of 16 seats.
Situated close to the historical and touristic centre of Cluj, in a resident area of the town, Rimini Hotel offers the perfect location for business and relaxation. The access to the complex can be easily made both from the highway, the hotel being close to the European road E60, and from the International Airport of Cluj Napoca (30 minutes) or the Railway Station (10 minutes). The touristic and historical centre of Cluj is only at 5 minutes from the hotel complex, the Mayoralty of the Town Cluj-Napoca and the Prefect’s Office Cluj at 15 minutes, the Botanical Garden Cluj-Napoca at 2 minutes and the natural reservation Cheile Turzii at 40 minutes.
The tariff practised by the Rimini hotel for accomodation in single rooms is of 79 euro/ day, and bookings can be made by phone at the numbers 0264 438 385 / 0264 438 390, by email at the address or by the web page for booking online.
The ways to pay for the accomodation attendance in the single room at Rimini hotel are: by cash at the hotel reception or by card ( Visa, Mastercard ).
For organized groups of people, we offer reduced tariffs.
We are waiting for you in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca to take full advantage of accomodation attendance in 4 stars apartments, for business meetings, for lunch or a special dinner at the La Fontana restaurant or for a Romanian traditional evening at Crama Haiducilor.
Rimini Plaza Hotel, for the ones who treasure every moment!


~ de andreiuta pe Aprilie 22, 2010.

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