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Cluj Napoca is a city well-known for the history you can still find on its streets. A cultural and historical city with lots of places to visit, from museums, streets and buildings that still keep their old manner of building. It is a city in constant evolution from all points of view, and very many people come to visit it, or simply come for business. Your visit requires hotel attendance of the highest quality. Rimini Plaza Hotel is a 4 stars hotel that inspires elegance and good taste, trust and high spirits. It is one of the famous hotels in Cluj, always with something new to offer its clients, who come back every time fully satisfied.
We provide a wide range of offers for your stay. The Rimini Hotel attendance include accomodation in 51 rooms and 8 apartments, all of which are endowed with minibar, TV and cable TV, Internet access, secretariate attendance and conditioning air, so that each client can feel comfortable. Besides the accomodation offer, we also provide various suggestions for relaxation.
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