Crama Haiducilor traditional restaurant in Cluj Napoca

Here, in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca, we have always believed that the 4 stars attendance offered to our clients means actually more than simple accomodation and service in the best conditions. We have trust that the extra attendance we offer for our visitors make us different as far as the accomodation conditions in Cluj Napoca are concerned, a town of the most beautiful in Transylvania from the point of view of the touristic offer and of the business opportunities.
The Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca offers for the clients of the hotel as well as for the mere visitors of the complex a wide range of 4 stars attendance and endowments unique for Cluj Napoca, in order to make each and every one of our clients find an oasis of peace and relaxation, to feel at home and to be treated always at the highest standards.
With this in mind, we have created Crama Haiducilor, a place in the traditional Romanian spirit, by the food and drinks it offers, but also by the organization and the construction of the wine-cellar in the precincts of the Rimini Plaza complex.
Crama Haiducilor is built in a typically Romanian atmosphere, with specialties masterly prepared, specialized chefs, noble and old wines in limited editions, mixed with the irrepproachable hospitality and attendance with the clay plates and dishes in the peasant style – will help you forget about the daily worries and make your day special. The unique environment offered by the ancient reconditioned furniture will take you back in time, while the attendance we provide will keep you in present with all its comfort.
On the terrace built in the middle of a green space together with a covered terrace, with special tables made of massive wood, you can serve meals and wines on a hot day or in the cold evening.
Crama Haiducilor is also the right place to meet your friends, your buusiness partners or, why not, to enjoy all by yourself the relaxed atmosphere and the delicious food prepared by our master chefs.
The originality of the roustic decorum from Crama Haiducilor and from the terrace, the furniture and the rural details combined with good taste, give the place harmony and style, and offer the clients of the Rimini hotel 4 stars attendance in the traditional Romanian style.
The experience of our chefs make Crama Haiducilor a real restaurant where you can enjoy delivious traditional food, completed with the most refined drinks and wines.
The meat pies, the smoked chop and the pudding with cheese are part of the varied menu you can find in our restaurant, especially conceived to satisfy event the most exquisite tastes.
The professional degustation, lead by the experts from Crama Haiducilor, proves the qualities of the most appreciated white and red wines, and you can get the chance to degust by yourself types of wines such as: Dealu Mare, Murfatlar, Jidvei, Recas, Bohotin.
The wine-cellar of the hotel is situated in the Rimini Plaza complex, on 20 A Cometei Street in Cluj Napoca and has the advantage of 150 seats inside the wine-cellar and the terraces, which can be booked for festive events organized on special ocasions.
Crama Haiducilor – 4 stars Romanian tradition- is just at your disposal at the Rimini Plaza hotel.
For booking online you can access the web page for hotel booking, call one of the following numbers  0264 438 385 / 0264 438 390 or send an email at the address
We are waiting for you in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca to take full advantage of accomodation attendance in 4 stars apartments, for business meetings, for lunch or a special dinner at the La Fontana restaurant or for a Romanian traditional evening at Crama Haiducilor
Rimini Plaza Hotel, for the ones who treasure every moment!


~ de andreiuta pe mai 1, 2010.

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