City Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca, situated in the centre of Transylvania, is a remarkable cultural centre, an important commercial and industrial centre, and has the qualities of a territory with great touristic potential and at the same time is an influential area in the field of financial and commercial transactions. Cluj is filled day after day with visitors from other parts of the country or even from other parts of the world, thus becoming a dynamic, crowded, noisy city, a place affected by the lack of time.
Great cultural and universitary centre, Cluj Napoca is proud of its great contributions to the Romanian culture and science. Cluj Napoca is also an important centre for the scientific research and the technological development. A special place belongs to the Botanical Garden, the second important such garden in Europe, Babes-Bolyai University, the Transylvania National Museum of History, the Ethnographic Museum and, last but not least, the National Theatre.
The cultural offer of Cluj also includes the three great libraries, that house valuable and unique books. Starting from Cluj Napoca, you can also travel on various routes in the Apuseni mountains and visit the little holiday resorts in the area, which is one of the reasons why Cluj is so attractive for tourists each year. For these tourists was conceived Rimini Plaza hotel, situated in a peaceful place and built in the 17th century architecture style, with floral ornaments, distinguished portals, valuable sculptures, finely made, all of which create an unique atmosphere. The hotel has everything you need to make your stay perfect, from interior endowments of the latest generation, qualified and agreeable staff, to various facilities such as internal transport and renting of cars. In the modern world of travels and business meetings, Rimini Plaza Hotel, situated near the centre of the town of Cluj Napoca, provides comfort and clas for his guests, no matter if they are tourists willing to visit an important historical and cultural centre of Transylvania, or businessmen, looking for peace, discretion and quality atendance. The style, the elegance, the good taste and the refinement offered in our four stars hotel, create a pleasant and familiar atmosphere for the sophisticated client. Our hotel represents the ideal choice for all those who want to be impressed by an idyllic view, by the monumental architecture, by an unforgettable moment, by the distinguished environment, an irrepproachable attendance, the professionalism of the personnel, the refinement of the culinary preparations offered in the luxurious restaurant of the complex, as well as by the modern endowments of the rooms.
Rimini Hotel is situated in the Zorilor quarter in a resident area, very quiet, but also at only a few minutes by car from the historical centre of the town, as well as from the international airport of Cluj-Napoca. It is located on 20 A Cometei Street in Cluj-Napoca.
For booking online, you can contact the hotel web page, call one of the following numbers  0264 438 385 / 0264 438 390 or send an email at the address
There are several ways to pay for the hotel attendance: by cash at the hotel reception or by card ( Visa, Mastercard ).
We are waiting for you in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca to benefit from the professional 4 stars accomodation attendance at Rimini hotel, for business meetings, for a special lunch or dinner at the La Fontana restaurant or for a Romanian traditional evening at Crama Haiducilor.
Rimini Plaza Hotel, for those who treasure every moment!


~ de andreiuta pe mai 4, 2010.

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