Organization of festive events Cluj Napoca Rimini Hotel

There are some events in life that each of us want to be properly oragnized, to the enjoyment of the guests and the full satisfaction of the hosts. In the case of weddings, christenings, anniversaries, promotions, or of any other type of party, the safest solution is to contact a catering company or a hotel complex, which has the advantage of all the endowments and the staff necessary for the good course of such an event. The organization of festive events is a complex process, which should not interfere with your daily program. Inside the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca, the specialized staff is able to elaborate the plan of a special meeting, by taking into consideration different parametres, suchy as the type and the dimensions of the party, the personality of the hosts and of the guests, the context of the party or of the conference.
The specialized catering attendance for celebrations offered by the 2 restaurants (La Fontana restaurant and Crama Haiducilor) from the Rimini Plaza hotel complex can fulfill the specific needs of the client, after previous discussions. You can choose to prepare the festive event inside the La Fontana restaurant, on the terrace of the Rimini hotel or on the terrace with a lot of green space that you can find at Crama Haiducilor. We also provide at Rimini hotel 2 conference halls for business meetings or business conferences, with a perfect sound system, minimalist interior decorations and good-taste furniture, all these elements certainly contributing to the success of the conference you keep at Rimini hotel in Cluj Napoca. Actually, it is a pleasure to keep a rational conversation or listen to the speaker in such excellent conditions. So more as the conference buffet, in the Swedish style or at the client’s request, is able to stimulate you into a renewed dialogue, into a conference speech or a successful festive event.
For booking online, you can contact the hotel web page, call one of the following numbers  0264 438 385 / 0264 438 390 or send an email at the address
There are several ways to pay for the hotel attendance: by cash at the hotel reception or by card ( Visa, Mastercard ).
We are waiting for you in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca to benefit from the professional 4 stars accomodation attendance at Rimini hotel, for business meetings, for a special lunch or dinner at the La Fontana restaurant or for a Romanian traditional evening at Crama Haiducilor.
Rimini Plaza Hotel, for those who treasure every moment!


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