Restaurant Cluj Napoca at Rimini Plaza 4 stars hotel

Built in the atmosphere of the 17th century, the Rimini Plaza hotel is the best choice you can make when you visit Cluj Napoca to stay only a few days or to take part in a meeting or business conference.
Besides the classical 4 stars accomodation attendance, we also give you the opportunity to have dinner in a private and special atmosphere, serving exquisite meals from the international cuisine in the La Fontana restaurant with a capacity of 150 seats. For a special evening, you can serve preparations from the Romanian traditional cuisine at Crama Haiducilor on the summer terrace arranged in a roustic style, with a capacity of 200 seats.
The La Fontana restaurant together with Crama Haiducilor can be arranged both in the module system and in the extended system or they can be personalized according to the festive events organized: weddings, christenings, name days and anniversaries, festive dinners, but also business meetings, dinner parties.
The professionalism of the staff in the Rimini hotel complex from Cluj Napoca and also the quality attendance and the agreeability of the personnel are some good arguments to choose us when you  arrive in city of Cluj-Napoca.
Another advantage of our hotel is the roomservice attendance which is permanently at your disposal so that you can order at any time your favourite meals which are brought into your room by the personnel.
The La Fontana restaurant has an extremely varied menu, including preparations from the international cuisine and from the traditional Romanian cuisine, exquisite meals such as: pudding of cheese, meat pies, borsch, but also marine specialties, Stroganoff fillet and the delicious noodles, prepared after traditional Italian recipes.
Our chefs with a long experience in the field have gathered all along the time the most refined and tasty recipes.
To complete the attendance provided by our restaurant, we suggest the bar of the hotel, a perfect and relaxing location for a special evening with your family or friends. We are waiting for you with a complete range of fine drinks and cocktails masterly prepared by a staff highly qualified in the field.
The La Fontana restaurant and Crama Haiducilor from Rimini hotel complex are located in the Zorilor quarter in aresident area, very quiet, but also at only a few minutes drive from the historical centre of the town, and from the international airport in Cluj Napoca.
For online booking, you can contact the hotel web page, call one of the following numbers  0264 438 385 / 0264 438 390 or send an email at the address
We are waiting for you in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca to benefit from the professional 4 stars accomodation attendance at Rimini hotel, for business meetings, for a special lunch or dinner at the La Fontana restaurant or for a Romanian traditional evening at Crama Haiducilor.
Rimini Plaza Hotel, for those who treasure every moment!

~ de andreiuta pe Mai 12, 2010.

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