4 stars hotel attendance and accomodation in Cluj Napoca Rimini hotel

Rimini Plaza Hotel complex from Cluj Napoca is one of the most comfortable and elegant touristic resorts in Transylvania and distinguishes through professional hotel attendance of 4 stars.
Rimini Hotel is situated at only a few minutes distance from the historical centre of the city, in a quiet area from Cluj and represents the perfect location for relaxation or business meetings. The building of the hotel has a special architecture built in the atmosphere of the 17th century.
We have understood that the professionalism of our staff, together with the hotel attendance are the most important elements to make your stay in Rimini hotel as enjoyable as possible. By combining a relaxing holiday for the tourists accomodated at Rimini hotel and the existence of excellent conditions of accomodation in the rooms and apartments of the hotel, ways to relax at the sauna, the football or tennis field or the fitness hall as well as a special lunch or dinner at the La Fontana restaurant, or an evening on the terrace from Crama Haiducilor, we have the certainty of offering to each visitor of the Rimini Plaza complex the best and the most advanageous accomodation conditions in Cluj Napoca.
Based on a qualified and agreeable staff, the accomodation attendance from the Rimini Plaza hotel complex in Cluj Napoca are offered according to the European standards and are at your disposal 24 hours per day, to make sure you get the most pleasant holiday and perfect moments of relaxation.
Rimini Plaza Hotel offers accomodation attendance and agreement: luxury restaurant, bar Finnish sauna, a fitness hall completely equipped but also the Venetian Summer Garden in which you can enjoy moments of peace and relaxation.
We present you the conference halls destined to business or partnership meetings and to the events such as press conferences, book launchings, symposiums, as they are modernly endowed with videoprojector, projecting screen, sound systems, translation systems.
The La Fontana restaurant from the Rimini Plaza hotel complex offers in a wonderful environment the pleasure to taste preparations from the international and from the traditional Romanian cuisine or to try a wine in Crama Haiducilor. Exquisite meal as: pudding of cheese, meat pie, borsch, but also marine specialties, Stroganoff fillet and the delicious noodles, prepared after traditional Italian recipes, gathered by our chefs all along the time.
Another option to relax an spend your free time in the company of friends and not only is the bar inside the hotel which proposes a special atmosphere and the taste of delicious drinks.
Bookings online can be made by accessing the web page, or by phone at one of the numbers 0264 438 385 / 0264 438 390.
We are waiting for you in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca to benefit from the professional 4 stars accomodation attendance at Rimini hotel, for business meetings, for a special lunch or dinner at the La Fontana restaurant or for a Romanian traditional evening at Crama Haiducilor.
Rimini Plaza Hotel, for those who treasure every moment!


~ de andreiuta pe Mai 20, 2010.

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