Restaurant La Fontana from Cluj Napoca Rimini Hotel

Inside the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca, we offer you, besides the accomodation attendance in rooms and apartments in 4 stars conditions, the possibility to have dinner in a special environment and in the same conditions as in the La Fontana restaurant from the precincts of the Rimini hotel.
In a private space, the La Fontana restaurant provides you 150 seats, where you can have breakfast in case you are staying at the Rimini hotel, a business lunch if you have a business meeting in Cluj Napoca, or simply an enjoyable dinner. Arranged with a covered terrace right next to the building of the hotel with a capacity of 50 seats, the La Fontana restaurant offers you all the conditions necessary to serve specialties from the traditional Romanian cuisine or from the international cuisine, with the help of chefs specialized in the domain.
Besides the standard attendance for serving meal inside the restaurant La Fontana, we give you the chance to organize festive events, anniversaries, weddings or business meetings and promotion activities in the restaurant or on the terrace. With a great experience in the organization of festive events in the restaurant, we have supplemented the offer for meal attendance and for relaxation in a wonderful location once with the opening of Crama Haiducilor, in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex. To the wine-cellar adds a terrace constructed in the green space of the hotel, with traditional Romanian menu and with the possibility to serve the most refined wines and drinks.
Even if you want to celebrate an event important for you or you want to organize a festive dinner with the occasion of a business conference, the La Fontana restaurant and Crama Haiducilor from the Rimini Plaza hotel complex has prepared for you a special menu, realized in excellent conditions and benefitting from the irrepproachable attendance of the personnel from the restaurant and from the wine-cellar.
If you simply want to have a party to meet your friends, the La Fontana restaurant and Crama Haiducilor represent the best choice to mark the happy moments of your life in extraordinary conditions.
The La Fontana restaurant and Crama Haiducilor can be arranged both in the module system and in the extended system, or can be personalized according to the events: weddings, christenings, name days, festive dinners, but also for business meetings or dinner parties.
Exquisite food such as: pudding with cheese, meat pies and borsch, but also specialties such as marine symphony, Stroganoff fillet and the delicious pasta, prepared after original Italian recipes. Our chefs, with their long lasting experience in the domain, have gathered all along the time the most refined and tasty recipes.
To make complete the attendance offer of our restaurant, we propose the bar of the hotel, which is the ideal location for a special evening in the company of your family or friends. We have prepared for you a full range of fine drinks and cocktails masterfully prepared by a highly qualified personnel.
Rimini Hotel is situated in the Zorilor quarter in a resident area, very quiet, but also at only a few minutes by car from the historical centre of the town, as well as from the international airport of Cluj-Napoca. It is located on 20 A Cometei Street in Cluj-Napoca.
For booking online, you can contact the hotel web page, call one of the following numbers  0264 438 385 / 0264 438 390 or send an email at the address
We are waiting for you in the Rimini Plaza hotel complex from Cluj Napoca to benefit from the professional 4 stars accomodation attendance at Rimini hotel, for business meetings, for a special lunch or dinner at the La Fontana restaurant or for a Romanian traditional evening at Crama Haiducilor.
Rimini Plaza Hotel, for those who treasure every moment!


~ de andreiuta pe Mai 10, 2010.

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